A series of three webinar sessions by Optimum and International House Oulu. The trainer on all three is “LinkedIn Guru” Tom Laine. His expertise spans all the way from 2004, when he got his first LinkedIn invitation! Since then, Tom has used LinkedIn for just about anything and everything.

  • Part I - Building a convincing LinkedIn profile step-by-step
  • Part II - Networking and contacting potential employers on LinkedIn
  • Part III - Using LinkedIn for job searching

Agenda, part I

  • Building a LinkedIn profile with practical examples, including each point's special features in terms of both the job search and the technical optimization of the profile.
  • Search engine optimization of your own profile in terms of job search, both in terms of content and technically, including examples from different fields.

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Agenda, part II

  • The logic and effectiveness of networking on Linkedin
  • Contacting companies, recruiters and headhunters, best practices
  • Professional profiling on Linkedin when looking for a job, which are the best ways to approach unknown persons, with whom to network, and many other practical tips from networking professionally to systematic and goal-oriented activity in different ways.

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Agenda, part III

  • Job search methods on LinkedIn, e.g. Jobs section, job searches and search monitors
  • Finding hidden jobs in the LinkedIn message stream, profiles and e.g. Linkedin groups
  • The most relevant groups for job hunting and working in them

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