International House Oulu in collaboration with Optimum offers three English speaking LinkedIn training modules for those who already use LinkedIn and need training to deepen their knowledge.

  1. Building a convincing LinkedIn profile step-by-step (March 14th)
  2. Networking and contacting potential employers on LinkedIn (March 19th)
  3. Using LinkedIn for job searching (March 28th)

The trainer is “LinkedIn Guru” Tom Laine. His expertise spans all the way from 2004, when he got his first LinkedIn invitation! Since then, Tom has used LinkedIn for just about anything and everything. Even selling a company via a LinkedIn meeting request! He has held over 1500 trainings around the globe.

You can register for all the modules or select the most interesting ones. Please register for each training separately via the links in the theme listing above.
Building a Convincing LinkedIn Profile Step by Step
Time: March 14th 2024, 12.00-16.00
Place: BusinessAsema, Hallituskatu 36 B, Telesali -meeting room
Target group: International job seekers who already have a LinkedIn profile
Register: Please see below

  • Building a LinkedIn profile with practical examples, including each point's special features in terms of both the job search and the technical optimization of the profile.
  • Search engine optimization of your own profile in terms of job search, both in terms of content and technically, including examples from different fields.
  • After Tom’s lecture you will have time for networking and working your LinkedIn profile

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